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Greener future

This is a great example of how iPaint can save you money. 

Most body shops would just replace this Ferrari bumper which costs $12,000. This not only increases the cost to the consumer, but adds to the cost on our environment. Our experts have been trained and certified to properly repair or recondition bumpers back to its original form.When it comes to bumper repair, we save our customers money! Even if we can’t repair your bumper, sometimes there are other options. We can consider a recondition, a recycled bumper, an aftermarket bumper, an overstocked optional OEM bumper, or a brand new factory bumper. The decision of how you want you bumper issue fixed is entirely up to you.

We meet the nicest people by accident. Our team of highly trained and highly skilled technicians specializes in everything from extensive structural car damage, suspension damage, mechanical damage, panel replacement, and all types of welding. We take pride in being able to take any damaged vehicle and bring it back to original/manufacturer specifications.When it comes to major repairs, our technicians understand that the slightest detail can cause cause your car to drive incorrectly. That’s why iPaint doesn’t settle for anything less than the best equipment available. We have car lifts, frame/unibody repair racks, MIG welders, frame and unibody measuring systems that repair frames and unibody vehicles to less than 1 millimeter of tolerance.

We use the highest quality auto paint available and computerized color matching in our down draft paint booth. Your paint is guaranteed to match and has our full lifetime guarantee that iPaint stands behind.

iPaint offers award-winning restoration for all classic cars, regardless of make, model or year of manufacture. The individuals in our team are true artisans, setting the highest standards of craft and workmanship. The fruits of their skill and labour speak for themselves. Contact us for more information.